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This policy describes the rules regarding content that is permissible and prohibited for posting. Additionally, it regulates the relationship between FreemarketChicago and an author of Ad regarding content posted on the website and is the inseparable part of FreemarketChicago Terms of Use.

Any content that is posted on must imply with Terms of Use and this Ad Posting Policy. FreemarketChicago has the right to remove any post or Ad that violates this Policy as well as Terms and Conditions.

The following activities are prohibited on FreemarketChicago:

  1. Posting an item for sale that is:
    1. not located in the US
    2. illegal to own, buy or sell in your area of residence and the area you are advertising
    3. is on our prohibited items list
  2. Posting multiple Ads that are too similar to each other
  3. Posting ads using multiple different email addresses.
  4. Posting an ad that serves no other purpose other than to send traffic to a web site.
  5. Posting an ad containing a list of keywords not directly related to the item being sold.
  6. Posting an ad in languages other than English.
  7. Posting an ad that contains adult, mature or erotic content.
  8. Posting an ad that defames anyone or contains "hate speech".
  9. Posting opinions, notices, and discussion topics which should instead be posted on social media sites.
  10. Posting an ad in an incorrect or misleading category or with misleading information.
  11. Posting as a Private Seller, Owner, or Individual when you are a Business, Dealer or Professional.
  12. Discriminatory or offensive behavior and the usage of profanity or patently vulgar language.
  13. Encouraging others to break the law.
  14. Misleading others by false statements.
  15. Violation of Fair Housing laws and regulations.
  16. Violation of Equal Opportunity and job discrimination laws and regulations.
Prohibited Items List

These products or services are prohibited for posting on FreemarketChicago:

  1. Alcoholic Beverages
  2. Academic Aids
  3. Test-taking services in which someone takes an exam for someone else
  4. Academic paper-writing services providing custom/pre-written these, dissertations, etc.
  5. Adult Content
  6. Escort services that offer or suggest sexual services
  7. Material that is obscene, pornographic or adult in nature, or harmful to minors
  8. Prostitution or ads that offer sex, sexual favors or sexual actions in exchange for money or gifts
  9. Pictures or images that contain nudity
  10. Personal ads that are adult in nature
  11. Beating Drug Tests
  12. products that facilitate the evasion of drug laws and promote ways to " beat" a drug test
  13. Counterfeit Products and Replicas
  14. Counterfeit currency, coins, stamps or tickets and the equipment designed to make them
  15. Replicas or imitations of designer products
  16. Documents
  17. Identity documents
  18. Personal information in any form, including mailing lists and financial records
  19. Government and Transit Badges
  20. Government Uniforms, Documents or Licenses, such as internal manuals of commercial airlines or postal service uniforms
  21. Drugs, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment
  22. Illegal substances, substances with questionable legality or substances whose primary purpose seems to be recreational mind alteration.
  23. Drug paraphernalia
  24. Prescription drugs
  25. Devices that require a prescription to obtain (e.g. contact lenses, hearing aids)
  26. Embargoed goods
  27. Items originating from the countries of Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Cuba
  28. Endangered or protected species
  29. This includes the sale of products derived from elephants, sharks, tigers, whales, rhinoceroses, or dolphins such as:
  30. Elephant tusk ivory, tiger pelts, shark fins
  31. Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Devices
  32. Fireworks
  33. Destructive devices
  34. Explosives and explosive material
  35. Illegal Activity
  36. will not publish any ads that may encourage or facilitate illegal activity, such as:
  37. Hacking and cracking code and tools that aid in copyright infringement
  38. Stolen goods or property with serial number removed
  39. Altered property
  40. Gambling
  41. Lottery tickets
  42. Sweepstakes entries
  43. Slot Machines
  44. Investments and e-Gold Related Content
  45. e-gold exchange, e-gold investment, and e-gold accounts
  46. Stocks and other securities
  47. Potentially Hazardous Materials or Items
  48. Radioactive or toxic materials
  49. Used or rebuilt batteries or batteries containing mercury
  50. Recalled Items
  51. Products and Services of Questionable Legality
  52. Electronic surveillance equipment
  53. Burglary tools
  54. Items which may encourage or facilitate illegal activity, such as:
  55. Access cards
  56. Password sniffers
  57. Traffic signal control devices
  58. Cable descramblers
  59. Tobacco Products
  60. Cigarettes, Cigars, Smokeless Tobacco
  61. Other Tobacco products
  62. Weapons
  63. Illegal weapons and related items will not be accepted. This includes:
  64. Illegal firearms, firearm parts and magazines
  65. Tear gas
  66. Stun guns
  67. Switchblade knives
  68. Martial arts weapons (e.g. nunchucks)
  69. Any other items that are not listed above but prohibited for listing, sale, exchange, or service by the law.

Any other products/elements/ingredients as may be designated by FreemarketChicago at any time in its sole discretion.

Policy on Discrimination in Housing/Real Estate Advertising

We strongly support the local, state and federal fair housing statutes and encourage you to read more about your rights as a prospective renter, home buyer or roommate. All potential home buyers or renters are hereby informed that all housing advertised is available on an equal opportunity basis and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, handicap or familial status. When posting an ad on our websites, you must comply with section 3604(c) of the Federal Fair Housing Act. This law prohibits discrimination in the sale or rental of housing and details other prohibited practices. This statute prohibits stating, in any notice or ad for the sale or rental of a dwelling, a discriminatory preference based on any of the following protected categories:

  1. Race
  2. Color
  3. National Origin
  4. Religion
  5. Sex
  6. Familial Status (including children under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custodians; pregnant women and people
  7. Securing custody of children under 18)
  8. Handicap / Disability

The Fair Housing Act provides additional protections, and limited exceptions, that are explained in publications from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development("HUD") and the Department of Justice.

HUD has issued guidance on advertising rental properties, properties for sale and roommates.

State and local laws often prohibit discrimination based on additional criteria (e.g. sexual orientation, age, marital status, or source of income). Please contact your state’s Housing Authority in order to find out more about the specific laws in your state and see more detailed discussion of Federal rules elsewhere on our site.


A person that posts an Ad must be at least 16 years old and has no limitation of placing an Ad publicly on the Internet by the Federal and local laws. If a person places an Ad on behalf of legal entity, such person has to be authorised by the legal entity on behalf of which the ad is posted.

Our general rule is that you may not list, buy or sell items or services that are illegal to own, buy or sell in your state of residence, or that are not bought or sold in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. You are responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws relating to the item you list, buy or sell.